House Libations

Jamaican Ten-Speed

Pineapple-infused rum with gently crushed basil, lime & ginger. Enjoy the ride, but don’t fall off! 9

Tequila Mockingbird

Blanco tequila enhanced with pressed jalapeño, fresh grapefruit & agave nectar. 8

Berry White

Crisp strawberry vodka with pomegranate & vanilla. A combo that you can’t get enough of. 8

The Morning After

Tasty blends of citrus and orange marmalade that, with the help of a little gin, will right the ship. 7


Dark and light chocolate competing to see who’s best!  We’ll let you decide who wins. 8

Courting Barbara

Delicious adventure of the love triangle between rhubarb, fennel & lemon. 8

Tipsy Tea Time

Fresh Chai tea spiked with bourbon & hints of orange. 9

Packham’s Triumph

Luscious, pear-infused vodka with hints of elderflower & lemon, notes of rosemary. 8

Cougar Bait

Ripe & ready raspberry-infused vodka, a touch of lime & refreshing bubbles. 8

The Night Before

Passion fruit, coconut rum, & a blend of tropical juices to get the night started right. 7

Classic Libations

Hair Of The Goat

House-infused garden vodka, bacon, pickled asparagus & the Goat’s secret recipe bloody mix. Be careful, this goat kicks! 9

Old Fashioned

The ageless dance of Rye, orange, Luxardo cherry & a dash of bitters. 9

Milano Mule

The mule has moved from Moscow to Milan! Traveling only with lime and ginger. 8

Flowers from France

A deliciously balanced gin, lemon & prosecco recipe sent to us from France in ’75. 7

Five O’ Clock Somewhere

Smooth Reposado tequila, fresh lime with an orange kicker. It’s always five o’ clock with Rita! 7

Dirty Goat

Vodka shaken the right way – up and cold! Throw in a little olive for just the right amount of dirty. 8