House Libations

Berry Blitz

Crushed blackberry and mint getting together with rum in this luscious love triangle. 10

Tequila Mockingbird

Blanco tequila enhanced with pressed jalapeño, fresh grapefruit & agave nectar. 9

Espress Yourself

Delicious swirls of espresso and coffee that have been known to bring health, wealth and happiness. 10

The Morning After

Tasty blends of citrus and orange marmalade that, with the help of a little gin, will right the ship. 9


Dark and light chocolate competing to see who’s best!  We’ll let you decide who wins. 9


Top secret Goat red wine sangria concoction you’ll sure to be a fan of. 9

Blue June

Refreshing gin, blueberry and lemon recommended through sage advice. 10

Cool Hand Cuke

Cucumber and mint mixing it up for a refreshing duet. 10

Cougar Bait

Ripe & ready raspberry-infused vodka, a touch of lime & refreshing bubbles. 9

The Night Before

Passion fruit, coconut rum, & a blend of tropical juices to get the night started right. 9

Classic Libations

Hair Of The Goat

House-infused garden vodka, bacon, pickled asparagus & the Goat’s secret recipe bloody mix. Be careful, this goat kicks! 10

Old Fashioned

The ageless dance of Rye, orange, Luxardo cherry & a dash of bitters. 10

Midwest Mule

The mule has moved from Moscow to Omaha! Traveling only with lime and ginger. 9

Flowers From France

A deliciously balanced gin, lemon & prosecco recipe sent to us from France in ’75. 10

Five O’ Clock Somewhere

Smooth Reposado tequila, fresh lime with an orange kicker. It’s always five o’ clock with Rita! 9

Dirty Goat

Vodka shaken the right way – up and cold! Throw in a little olive for just the right amount of dirty. 9